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    Leptin is a hormone produced by the fat cells of our body. It got its name from the Greek word "lepto", which means "thin". Leptin is involved in many vital functions of the body, however, the one that interests us most today is the promotion of satiety. Satiety is a feeling of fullness created by our brains. Simply put, leptin makes it easier for us to eat less. It is also part of the reward system. When leptin levels are low, food seems very rewarding. High leptin dampens the reward system so high-calorie foods don't look so good. This means that we have a better chance of resisting temptation.

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    Patients who suffer from pathological conditions that justify weight loss usually have signs and symptoms that make it possible to suspect the affection of a certain organ, apparatus or body system. Tumors of the digestive system, including those of the pancreas and liver, can impair food intake early and cause weight loss before other symptoms appear. Lung cancer can present as postobstructive pneumonia with dyspnea, or cough and hemoptysis, but it is also usually symptom-free and should be suspected even in nonsmokers. Depression and isolation can lead to significant weight loss, particularly in the elderly. In chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and congestive heart failure, anorexia and increased energy expenditure at rest may appear. Weight loss can be the first manifestation of some infectious diseases, such as HIV infection, tuberculosis, endocarditis, and fungal and parasitic infections. Hyperthyroidism or pheochromocytoma increase basal metabolism; the elderly with apathetic hyperthyroidism may present with weight loss and weakness, with few other manifestations of thyrotoxicosis. New-onset diabetes mellitus is often accompanied by weight loss due to glycosuria and loss of the anabolic effects of insulin.

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    Brushing your teeth twice every day is the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy, but choosing toothpaste can be tricky. One in three people bleed when brushing their teeth, if you are one of them you should use a toothpaste like parodontax, which can help stop and prevent gum bleeding. The problem is, if you go back to a conventional toothpaste, as soon as the problem is solved, you are again in danger because only a specialist toothpaste can offer superior protection against bleeding gums and gum disease.

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